My grandparents bought the farm ‘Aberceiro’ back in the 1970’s as it was a lovely sunny spot with acres of fertile land and thought it would be a lovely place to build. When my grandmother (Peggy) passed away when I was 7 years old she passed the building on to my mother so that she could build a home for our family away from the busy hotel ‘The Marine Hotel’, Aberystwyth where my parents owned and we lived.

After years of deliberation my mother, Nerys decided to build an 11 bedroom country guest house where the old farm buildings stood to make the most of the central location and pleasant spot. The guest house was opened in March of 2000.

The word Llety comes from the Welsh name for ‘a place to stay’, and Ceiro is the name of the stream that runs through the land.

In March 2014 Llety Ceiro was transferred on to myself and my husband. By this time, I had accepted that I was no longer returning to work as a primary school teacher following my sudden paralysis due to a virus on the spinal cord (transverse myelitis) in 2010. Because of my personal situation, I have been dependant on good staff running the guest house, and I take a role of organising and managing from home, and regularly calling in.

Although the guest house was considered modern and stylish when it was first opened, by the time I took over the place was ready to be updated. This is what we’ve aimed to do (with time and money). We are constantly planning the next area to renovate as soon as we complete a project.

We have tried to listen to what our guests want, and appreciate your comments, compliments and complaints, messages can be sent directly to my attention at fflurfychan@aol.co.uk. I look forward to hearing from you and look forward to welcoming guests to our ever-improving guest house.

Update March 2021

2020 brought big changes to the world in light of the Pandemic and we also made changes!! For us we changed Llety Ceiro from being a Bed and Breakfast to a Large Self Catering accommodation. The property lends it’s self so well to large groups who can enjoy time together surrounded by the beautiful surroundings  from the spacious lounge and conservatory and outdoor area, or peace and quiet of their bedrooms. We have loved seeing the positive feedback from our guests who have enjoyed their celebrations and get togethers at Llety Ceiro, and look forward to welcoming guests again to the Holiday Home.